Customised NGS analysis Automation

Now you can Scale & Accelerate your NGS analytics process using custom made automation pipeline

  • Scrutinized-structured approach to clinical interpretation of genetic variants
  • Robotized high-performance data processing
  • Minimal or No human intervention
  • Tailored reports with ameliorated results
  • Rapid & cost-effective delivery

Lossless Data Compression

  • Upto 90% compression with 0% data loss on decompression
  • In-house lossless data compression of sensitive DNA big data using advanced AI-based language processing and text analytics
  • For reduced annual storage cost and easy data transfer

Secure Storage

  • Raw and compressed original DNA data will be encrypted and stored on a cutting edge blockchain based network.
  • Tokenisation & cryptography for future audit
  • Cryptographically encrypted data storage with ingress and egress mechanisms per blockchain.

Safe Exchange

  • Monitor how your data is being transferred and exchanged
  • Smart Contracts for consent management

Data Ownership

  • Privacy and Security of the data pose a major threat in managing Genomics data
  • Ownership of the immortal legacy - DNA data, can be established using a blockchain based “key” which is impossible for anyone to gain access including unless given permission/consent by the owner.
  • View time stamp & relevant details, whenever your data gets accessed
  • To endow the user with the control of authorisation of access to the data.
  • Non repudiation (assurance that someone cannot deny the validity of something) of access to the data.

Easy Data Accessibility

  • Data Standardisation from fragmented markets
  • Cohort based effective filter options
  • Don’t pay for the redundant data
  • Effective and systemized filtering of prerequisite data

Predictive Analytics

Discover robust insights from your data and use it for multiple purposes like,

  • Publish your results faster
  • Insurance actuaries, pharma intelligence

Data Intelligence

  • GWAS
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Drug Discovery