An adept team of professionals thriving the unparalleled technological advancement of genomics.

The elementary units of Genebloc are laid over the sole grounds of fostering technological expertise in precision medicine by tackling the most concerning and pivotal issues faced by the present-day genomics community.

We are tremendously equipped with prevalent security facilities to compress, encrypt and store highly sensitive genome data sets, ensuring that we protect the genetic information of each and every individual, as we greatly value the ‘concept of consent’.

We envision rampant growth in genomics and data-driven precision medicine with the effective employment of blockchain and artificial intelligence, backed by the prowess team of AI experts, blockchain architects, esteemed data science lead. distinguished mathematicians, and efficient bioinformaticians.

What do we do at Genebloc?

We analyze, interpret and generate actionable insights from Human NGS data by automating the entire value chain through cutting edge AI applications.

So, You can trust us with “YOUR DNA”


To amalgamate genomics into the unbounded technology, While making it accessible and affordable to the general public


Innovate and deliver cutting edge technological architectures that accelerate precision medicine.

Furnish permissible and authentic data for drug discoveries.

Provide utmost security to genetic data.

Empower and facilitate healthcare providers to enhance treatment for patients